Ambrose Pottie studied graphic design and photography at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design before establishing his Toronto practice in the late 1980s, working initially with acclaimed Canadian designer Robert Burns.
Ambrose went on to develop his own projects in arts, entertainment and the non-profit sector, acting as art director, and designer for a wide range of clients, from musicians and small NGOs to major national companies and institutions.
Ambrose has... 
...conceptualized and designed CD packages (typography to cover art) for Warner Brothers, Sony Music and the CBC.
...designed graphics for film and television for Disney, Lion’s Gate, Tri-Star and the National Film Board of Canada, among others. magazines (Borderlines, Public, Songwriters) and books (YYZ Gallery Press.)
...created fresh visual strategies for the United Nations Association,
Habitat for Humanity, Greenpeace and Rooftops Canada.
...and, also contributed to the national rebranding strategy of A & P Canada, as the company overhauled Dominion Groceries and repositioned the chain as Metro. 
A graphic designer should act on behalf of their client with integrity and vision, rather than self-importance and bravado.
Ambrose knows... to listen to clients, and translate their emergent visions of what they want to say about themselves, or their missions, into clear and visually-arresting statements. to steer clients around fads and trends and toward exceptional and long-lasting design goals. to oversee production from A to Z, from counter-top scribble to 11th- hour negotiations with printers and other suppliers. to be cost-efficient. to be calm. to be classy.